[gst-devel] gst-ffmpeg and plugins ugly pre-releases are available

Jan Schmidt thaytan at noraisin.net
Wed Dec 13 02:10:04 CET 2006

A new pre-release of gst-plugins-ugly is up at 


It fixes a crash in the real demuxer do to over-trusting possibly
corrupt input data, and a potential crash in the mpegparse element.

gst-ffmpeg is still at

Releases tomorrow night if there are no further patches.


On Sun, 2006-12-10 at 23:37 +0100, Jan Schmidt wrote:
> Pre-releases for gst-ffmpeg and gst-plugins-ugly are now available at:
> http://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/src/gst-ffmpeg/pre/gst-ffmpeg-
> and
> http://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/src/gst-plugins-ugly/pre/gst-plugins-ugly-
> Please test and report any bugs. Current plan is for final releases
> around Wednesday.
> Cheers,
> Jan.
Jan Schmidt <thaytan at noraisin.net>

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