[gst-devel] stream duration query

René Stadler mail at renestadler.de
Thu Dec 14 18:32:40 CET 2006

Am Donnerstag, den 14.12.2006, 20:23 +0530 schrieb
karthik.duggirala at wipro.com:
> Hi,
> Am trying to mux live audio and video, in raw formats into avi file.
> While trying to play the file am able to play it. But the
> query (gst_element_query_duration) for the stream duration fails.
> In order to solve this while stopping the recording process am adding
> an
> eos message(gst_message_new_eos) to audio and video source seperately.
> But still the problem seems to exist. Is there something that i need
> to do while stopping
> the recording or any other possible way to find the stream duration
> BR,
> Karthik

"Adding an EOS message" will have no effect.  Messages are for
communication from elements to the application.  You probably mixed them
up with events.

Your problem can be solved by making the live sources shut down
correctly -- in a way that makes them send an EOS event theirselves.
This is described in the section "Controlled shutdown of live sources in
applications" in this document:

  René Stadler

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