[gst-devel] picking up pygstdocs at berlios

Jens Persson xerxes2 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 15 19:47:32 CET 2006

Hello all!

I've just picked up the pygstdocs project. Tagliaretti was a little busy 
with his family and some other stuff but he said that he'll still be 
around if anything blows up. We're using LGPL as license now but I 
rather use Public Domain for docs but Tagliaretti said that it may be 
best to use the same license as Gstreamer it self does so I just wanna 
hear what you others think.

My first goal is to add anything that's accessible directly with "gst.". 
And to make a tutorial too. Now this is not a "one man show" so any 
fixes will go in and if you want commiting access to the source just say 
so and I'll add you to the project. I'll just continue where Tagliaretti 
is now so if you have opinions on the current stuff now would be a good 
time to speak up. This is the first time ever I'm using this docbook-xml 
thing so I'm very grateful for what's been done already.

Greets all and have a nice weekend. :D|

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