[gst-devel] guile-gnome-gstreamer 0.9.90 released

Andy Wingo wingo at pobox.com
Sun Dec 17 19:57:54 CET 2006

[Copying from a message sent to guile-user and guile-gtk-general; anyone
interested in this kind of thing should subscribe to guile-gtk-general,
as I don't think I'll post much to gstreamer-devel]


I am pleased to announce the release of guile-gnome-gstreamer version

The tarball will be downloadable at:


However I am currently wrestling with the ftp.gnu.org upload system. In
the meantime you can grab the tarball here:


About guile-gnome-gstreamer

guile-gnome-gstreamer is a language binding between the GStreamer media
framework and the Guile Scheme language, and is part of the guile-gnome
family of language bindings. More information on guile-gnome can be had


This release binds the 0.10 version of GStreamer. It requires Guile 1.8.
guile-gnome-gstreamer has not been stress-tested yet; consider this
release an experiment. A few of the examples are known to work, notably
caps.scm and vorbisplay.scm, but most have not yet been updated from the
0.8 API.

The 0.9.90 version indicates an unstable series; 0.10.0 will be the
first stable release.



* Initial release.


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