[gst-devel] GStreamer performance On the embedded platform

Daniel Díaz mrchapp at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 11:16:02 CET 2006


On 1/31/06, ye nan <bucketxp at hotmail.com> wrote:
> The GStreamer is an excellent freamwork with clear architecture and easy
> programming interfaces, so we really want to know the performance of
> GStreamer on the embedded system and intend to use the GStreamer framework
> as the basic mulitmedia framework for our mobile phone system.
> I run a simple application with it on a demo platform with ARM920T 200MHz.
> The application uses a video sink "xiamgesink" to dispaly only the video
> stream in a mpeg2 stream with the libmpeg2 decoder plugin in
> gst-plugin-ugly package. But I think its performance is not good as I
> thought. It is slower than the applications which use the libmpeg directly,
> such as mpeg2dec or mplayer.
> The nokida 770 used the Gstreamer, and it's basic configuration is OMAP
> 192HMz cpu with 64M memory. Our demo platform is 200MHz cpu with 64M
> memory. The run-time performance of GStreamer on our platform can not make
> our satisfied.So we want to know is that the limition of GStreamer itself
> or just the limitaton of codec plugins?

Well, I would think Nokia is taking advantage of the features the CPU provides:
such as having a DSP alongside your GPP.

By the way, I'd like to know if there's are benchmarking tools for
GStreamer somewhere, just to know how a certain platform behaves with


Daniel Díaz
yosoy at danieldiaz.org

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