[gst-devel] gstreamer application developer and plugin writer manuals

Jason Gilbert jason at doozer.com
Fri Feb 3 15:33:01 CET 2006

On Tue, Jan 31, 2006 at 01:12:39PM +0100, Stefan Kost wrote:
> Second I like to do something about the duplication in the introduction.
> I like both documents to start with chapter like this:
> I Introduction
>   1 Who should read this document?
>   2 Preliminary reading
>   3 Structure of this document
> II GStreamer concepts
>   GStreamer (will contain 'Motivation & Goals' from the manual)
>   Elements
>   Bins and pipelines
>   Pads and Caps
>   Buffers
>   Events
>   Metadata (Tags)
>   ... (probably more to add)
> Then both guide will continue with application/plugin specific docs:
> III Building an application (was Basic Concepts)
> III Building a plugin

as someone who just read the manuals, i would suggest just putting them
all in one document. i ended up reading both anyway, even though i was
only intending to write an application.

my 2 problems/questions after reading the docs were:

1) what is the best practice for creating pipelines in an application?
manual coding/linking individual elements or using gst-launch style
parsed strings. for example, if you were going to write an app that
transcodes to various selected formats. i would think you would use
decodebin and hook it to a sink pipeline. is it best to create that sink
pipeline parsing a gst-launch string? a page just listing example
pipelines might be good as well. i kept having to dig back through the
manuals to find examples i remembered.

2) what's the best example of using gstreamer with python that's up to
date and a real (non-example/test) application? as a new gstreamer user,
it would be nice if there was a canonical example (updated for new
releases) that shows "the right way" to do things. maybe the same app in
both c and python. i don't want to start out with bad habits. maybe i
missed something.


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