[gst-devel] bonus gst-plugins-good release

Jan Schmidt thaytan at noraisin.net
Wed Feb 8 09:09:04 CET 2006

So, because 'gst_bin_find_unconnected_pad' has moved from being a static
function inside the gconf plugin to being in a core utility function
(naughty plugin treading on a function namespace it doesn't own), I'll
also be cutting a release of gst-plugins-good 0.10.2 so that latest
releases all build together.

Existing binaries should continue to work against the new GStreamer
core, but gst-plugins-good 0.10.1 won't build against the 0.10.3 core,
and there's not much we can do about it other than remove an otherwise
nice utility function again.

Contact me quickly if you have anything pending for gst-plugins-good,
otherwise it's frozen too.


Jan Schmidt thaytan at noraisin.net

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