[gst-devel] Video Processing on GStreamer

Benjy Grogan benjy.grogan at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 20:48:05 CET 2006


I'm interested in using the gstreamer framework alongside with some video
processing algorithms I will possibly and probably implement in C# (Mono) on
linux.  Are there any C# video applications out there that use the gstreamer
framework that I could easily tap into?

I'm interested in spending 5% working with an exist open source C# video
application using gstreamer and 95% of the rest of my time applying video
processing algos to YUV frames.  So I'm looking for a great C# video app. :)

I've chosen gstreamer because as I understand it, the framework abstracts
video so that I don't have to worry or care about the av codec of the source
video stream.

Has anyone done similar work?

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