[gst-devel] Bug 331255 – Shrinking gst_parse_launch bloat

Jan Schmidt thaytan at noraisin.net
Wed Feb 15 01:55:38 CET 2006

After taking a look at the parse launch lexer, it seems we can cut down the
size significantly using the attached patch.

With this change, the size of the gstreamer.so here drops from 2193KB to

The big reduction comes from dropping support for quoted strings and mimetypes
in our parse launch syntax, which I don't think anyone uses anyway.

Has anyone EVER had to embed quotes in a caps filter string or mime type? I 
can't think of any place where they're needed, and they break when you do 
gst_caps_from_string (gst_caps_to_string()) anyway, because that will strip the 
quote marks you put in anyway.

Remember also, that this barely-used feature is worth 630KB of .so file :)

I've added a testsuite of various parse launch lines to CVS, and all continue
to work with this patch.


Jan Schmidt thaytan at noraisin.net


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