[gst-devel] requesting info on gst_pad_buffer_alloc mechanism

Sameer Naik sameer at nextbitcpu.com
Wed Feb 15 06:00:06 CET 2006

hi everybody,
    i want some info on gst_pad_buffer_alloc function call...
i'll explain myself with a case...

the xvimagesink plugin has the gst_xvimagesink_buffer_alloc (GstBaseSink
* bsink, guint64 offset, guint size, GstCaps * caps, GstBuffer ** buf) 
function...so now if i write a decoder that does not make a
gst_pad_buffer_alloc() call on its source pad, does it mean that the
buffer will not be allocated
by the gst_xvimagesink_buffer_alloc function when the buffer is pushed
on the pad ? 

or is the gst_xvimagesink_buffer_alloc called when the buffer is pushed
to xvimagesink ?

i hope u guys get what im trying to ask. :)
another thing id want to know is... say the decoder makes a
gst_pad_buffer_alloc call and xvimagesink
allocates a buffer for decoders use....next say the decoder does its job
and pushes the buffer to xvimagesink
and xvimagesink starts processing this buffer....now say while
xvimagesink is processing...the decoder
makes another gst_pad_alloc_call...what will happen here...will the
xvimagesink complete its processing and then carry
out the gst_xvimagesink_buffer_alloc call or will the buffer be
allocated for the decoder immediately (i.e. as soon as the
gst_pad_buffer_alloc call 
is made by the decoder...).

plz do reply...
thanks in advance

take care
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