[gst-devel] using gstreamer as combined audio decoder and mixer?

Tomas Groth tomasgroth at yahoo.dk
Fri Feb 17 16:06:01 CET 2006

hi all,

I'm thinking about using gstreamer for a multimedia application, but would like
to know if gstreamer is capable of doing the needed things before I start
coding too much.
I hope to use gstreamer as a combined audio decoder (mp3/ogg) and mixer, with a
few extra features. A typical scenario could be this: I have one long mp3/ogg
stream, which isn't complete (being downloaded), and two smaller mp3/ogg
sounds. Now i want to:

 1) Start decoding and playing what part i have of the long mp3/ogg stream.
 2) When the first part of the long mp3/ogg stream is done, "re-fill" with
mp3/ogg-data downloaded while the first part was being played.
 3) At random times play the smaller mp3/ogg sounds.
 4) Mix all sounds so that only one output is needed.
 5) Do all of this in "real-time", with no noticeable delay, especially when
"re-filling" the long stream.
Is this possible with the current gstreamer (0.10.x) ? And if "yes", do you
have some advice as how to do it? 
I think the "re-filling" is possible, but i'd like to get it confirmed. I
couldn't find any recent information about mixing,..



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