[gst-devel] problem with my pipeline (goom + video with 2 audio streams)

Vincent Torri Vincent.Torri at iecn.u-nancy.fr
Sun Feb 19 02:20:03 CET 2006


i would like to implement a visualization stuff in emotion. Basically, I
do the following :

1) I put in a pipeline a filesrc and a decodebin
2) I pause the pipeline
3) when a new decoded pad is found:
  a) if it's a video stream, I add a queue, a ffmpegcolorspace and a
  b) if it's an audio stream, I add a tee and, on the tee, :
    i) a queue, an audioconvert, an audioresample and a sink (alsa or
    ii) a queue, an audioconvert, a goom, a ffmpegcolorspace and a

In the attached example, I have put an ximagesink for the video and
visualization part.

If I play an audio file, there is no problem, the visualization is

If I play a video file, with one stream, the video is displayed, no
problem. But the audio, even if it starts, stops (~ 6 s) the the
visualization is displayed and the sound is restarting after several

If I play a video file with 2 audio steams, there is no sound at all
(well, in fact, during the first second, that's all)

I think that my pipeline is wrong, but I don't see the problem.

The attached file shows the problem.

For an example of video file with 2 audio streams :

the blood.mkv file

Does soeone see the problem in my pipeline ?

thank you very much

Vincent Torri
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