[gst-devel] tar[dec,enc]

Stefan Kost ensonic at hora-obscura.de
Mon Feb 20 10:52:09 CET 2006

hi again,

Stefan Kost wrote:
> Lutz Müller wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Using the tarenc element I just uploaded to bugzilla
>> (http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=303975), you can now rip
>> whole CDs and write the result to a tar file:
>> gst-launch cdiocddasrc mode=continuous ! audioconvert ! vorbisenc !
>> oggmux ! tarenc ! filesink location=test.tar
>> I've got two questions that I'd like to ask the GStreamer gurus on this
>> list:
>> (1) I need to know the file size that is going to be written to a tar
>> archive upfront. But the oggmux element doesn't know the file size
>> upfront. Therefore, I am writing the buffers to a temporary file and
>> only pass the data along if the whole track has been received. That's no
>> elegant solution. Can you think of a better one?
>> (2) How do I find out the file extension to a given GstCaps? I.e. I
>> would like to map application/ogg to ".ogg".
>> Regards
> Wounldn't that work using gnomevfssink? Gnome vfs can read files from
> and store files into tar.gz archives.
It doesn't work:
gst-launch -v filesrc location=shot01.ogg ! gnomevfssink

creates just a file named 'oggs.tar.gz', which is a 1:1 copy of the
input stream. Need to look at the gnomevfssink element, whats going
wrong here
> Stefan

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