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Lutz Müller lutz at topfrose.de
Tue Feb 21 11:25:06 CET 2006


I've just updated the tar[enc,dec] on

The big remaining issue is how to determine (encoder) or publish
(decoder) the start of a new stream/file/track/video/...

GST_EVENT_EOS is currently handled to signal the end of a stream. We
currently assume that nothing else follows. We could introduce a new tag
GST_EVENT_BOS (beginning of stream). For example, filesrc
location=file1,file2 could send BOS at the very beginning and after
file1 and EOS after file2. And the cdiocddasrc could send BOS at the
beginning of each track. To query the number of streams, we could
introduce a new GST_FORMAT_STREAMS.

What do you think of this solution? Do you have other ideas?

Another small issue is the need to rewrite the header with the correct
filesize after all buffers have been received. Not all elements support
the new-segment-event (i.e. bz2enc). If an element does not support this
event, should we implement some buffering mechanism within gstreamer so
that a sequence of buffers is only passed along if every buffer with the
flag GAP in this sequence has been received a second time with a buffer
not bearing this flag?

How about that?

Lutz Müller <lutz at topfrose.de>
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