[gst-devel] A New Year Question

David I. Lehn dlehn at vt.edu
Sun Jan 1 12:55:10 CET 2006

* Sameer Naik <sameer at nextbitcpu.com> [2006-01-01T09:44:54-0500]:
> wuz just wondering why is the older version of gstreamer 0.8.0
> and the new version 0.10.0, rather than 1.0.0 or something ;)

Developers were editing code in their editor of choice and lo, the
Flying Spaghetti Monster did appear.  And as the lowly developers did
avert their eyes, while still fixing bugs, He waved His noodly appendage
and declared that 0.9.x shall follow 0.8.x.  And thus it was so.  As
homage to His advice it has been decided to continue with the this
strange and beautiful method of ascending integer versioning.  And
behold, 0.10.x was born unto the world.  The versioning shall continue
as such until the time GStreamer is deemed worthy enough, and gets a
full Pirate seal of approval, and thereafter shall become 1.0.0.  Amen.


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