[gst-devel] info request - grabbing output from a D-Link DCS-2100 network camera ?

Frank Guthorel frank at codedor.be
Mon Jan 2 05:18:12 CET 2006


I was redirected to this mailing list by a friend who thought there
might be some intrest in writing a plugin for the output of a wireless
network camera from D-Link - the DCS-2100+.

Hopefully, somebody can put me in the right direction, or help out
somehow -
if not, thank you for your time anyway.

I got a D-Link DCS-2100+ lying around here, and found it impossible to
get it to work under anything else but Microsoft, because of the use of
ActiveX in the camera.

However - the camera does not do anything spectacular with the ActiveX
stuff - from what I read and noticed, it is only used to display a HTML
page as output towards the browser. It could be that it is also used to
do motion detection or other features available on the install cd - but
that is of little concern to me.

What I could find, is the following specs :

and more specifically :
Video Resolution -  Up to 30fps at 160x120, Up to 30fps at 320x240
Networking Protocol -  TCP/IP, HTTP, SMTP, FTP, NTP, DNS  Port, 10/100
Mbps Fast Ethernet and DHCP
Security - 256-bit WEP encryption
Ethernet - Enhanced 802.11b, 10BaseT or  100BaseT Fast Ethernet
Video Algorithm Supported - H.263+ (MPEG4 Short
Header                             Viewing system requirement Mode)
Protocol - ActiveX

The webpage for the product clearly states that it is only usable under
Internet Explorer, but I was wondering whether one could capture the
output, copy the bytes that make up the JPG image being sent in the
page, and relay that to a GStreamer plugin or something similar, upon
making a request to the webcam ?

I think it could be interesting to have such a plugin, because the
camera is quite cheap, has a good wireless connection (up to 30m with no
clear line of sight), and all the other stuff is available in a simple
webinterface in either browser you fancy.

In all honesty - I don't even know whether this could work, and how one
would go on implementing such a plugin or what is needed to make this
scheme work. I just thought that this might be the place to ask whether
I could get it to work under GStreamer :-)

I would already like to thank you for your time, and can be contacted if
one would be interested to provide me with feedback, questions, tips, or
whatever information that can lead me to get this camera and it's output
working under Linux (running Debian unstable).


Frank Guthorel
M: frank at codedor.be
G: +32 0495 105 776

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