[gst-devel] Ixion player on Windows

Sébastien Moutte sebastien at moutte.net
Thu Jan 5 03:14:20 CET 2006

Hi Sergey,

We choosed Visual studio 6.0 because most of distributed win32 packages 
of gstreamer's dependencies are built with mingw or vs6 and linked to 
msvcrt.dll which is a system dll.
msvcr71.dll is not a system dll and you need to include it with the 
package build with vs7.1 :(

Have you built all win32 compliant gstreamer plugins with vs7.1 ?
I know a way to force vs7.1 to link on msvcrt.dll instead msvcrt71.dll 
but it's not really clean.


Sergey Scobich wrote:

>I have successfully compiled all needed dependencies and gstreamer using
>Visual Studio.NET 2003 and msvcr71.dll for debugging right from IDE.
>But I'm afraid that these binaries will not be compatible with yours
>dependencies that are built with msvcrt.dll.
>And as a result there must be two dependences archives for building
>gstreamer in Windows world. :-(
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>Hi Michal,
>I've just tried the binary package, it doesn't work for me.
>There are some dependancies problems. libgmodule and libgthread are 
>missing from your lib folder, i've tried to install it from the official 
>win32 binary package (version but you aren't using the same 
>glib dependancies as this package. for i.e, your glib links on 
>libiconv-2.dll and libintl-2.dll while the glib for win32 glib package 
>links on intl.dll, iconv.dll ...
>I don't really know what are the library name we "must" use, i guess you 
>have built these libraries from sources.
>I've already encountered these libraries names problem while trying to 
>use some of the plugins built with your mingw dev environment in my vs6 
>environment as i am using the distributed win32 packages with .dll, 
>.def, .lib files of the libraries needed to build gstreamer.
>It will be great if we can use the same dependancies names for vs6 and 
>mingw builds then we can easily test binaries between the both dev 
>On my side, i can update the vs6 project files ...
>Let me know what's the best solution.
>Michal Benes wrote:
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