[gst-devel] Re: Patch for fixing gst-ffmpeg

Fabrizio Gennari fabrizio.ge at tiscali.it
Tue Jan 10 01:21:02 CET 2006

>Your patch will break situation #1 while fixing situation #2. Do I have 
>that right?

No, because the patch does not break situation #1. It simply does the same as other decoders (e.g. bmp.c, cljr.c) do: mark all decoded frames as I frames. That's correct in the sense that a decoded frame can be displayed without the need of knowing previous frames.

If FFmpeg is correct, then gst-ffmpeg makes a wrong assumption about FFmpeg decoders. Some days ago I wrote to the GStreamer developers list, reporting that in GStreamer 0.10 Indeo decoding was broken, and asking if it was GStreamer's or FFmpeg's fault. Nobody answered.

So, I'm gonna open a bug against GStreamer 0.10.

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