[gst-devel] Python GStreamer API doc

Johan Dahlin jdahlin at async.com.br
Mon Jan 16 07:31:15 CET 2006

>   I was thinking something in more or less the same logic as the
> codegenerator and the overrides. That is:
>   _ [A] Use the gtk-doc data and the .defs files as base material
> (using some scripts to convert the methods/functions/arguments names
> and types to the python equivalent), to generate most of the
> documentation

Would this work in the gtk-doc "source" or the generated html?
If the former, a fair amount of gtk-doc will probably be required.

>   _ [B] Have some overrides to document the overrides : because the
> given functions/methods have overrides, because they raise exceptions
> if something goes wrong, for added methods specific to gst-python,

Ideally the documentation should be as close to the source code as 
possible, which would mean that an extension has to be written
so the documentation can be written above the actually wrapping function 
and later be extracted.

>   Any comments ?

Is anyone volunteering to start this?

I'd like to help out converting the PyGTK manual at some point.


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