[gst-devel] Raw audio and MPEG muxing

Michael Sciscenti sciscenti at gmail.com
Sat Jan 28 20:13:02 CET 2006

0.10 is a great release, great work. I've been having two problems that I
hope someone on this list might be able to provide some guidance with.

First, ideally, I'd like to send raw audio along with an MPEG2 video stream.
It looks like I cant send audio/raw-int over UDP (or going straight from
alsasrc to alsasink), it doesn't produce any audio. There doesnt appear to
be any straight PCM codecs active currently in gst-ffmpeg and I cant get
wavparse to work with a live encoded wavenc audio stream (only works with
files, can I change something to make this work?).

I've tried using a the matroska mux/demux or the multipart elements to
encapsulate the video and audio (for testing I'm just encoding it as mp3,
eventually I want to use a non-compressed, low latency format). I cant seem
to get the connections right, I'm trying to use gst-launch for quick
prototyping. I was wondering if someone could give me a mux/demux example
that would work with MPEG2 video and any audio format at this point? I'm
using an alsasrc and v4lsrc. I can send specifics I've tried on Monday when
I get back to work. I need them muxed because I'd like to take advantage of
gstreamers excellent sync'ing features. Sorry about the length and thanks
for any help.
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