[gst-devel] gstreamer application developer and plugin writer manuals

Stefan Kost ensonic at hora-obscura.de
Tue Jan 31 04:14:06 CET 2006

hi all,

I like to spend some time going over out development manuals

First goal 1 is to prepare a list on
for these manuals, conatinig the section in doubt.

Second I like to do something about the duplication in the introduction.
I like both documents to start with chapter like this:
I Introduction
   1 Who should read this document?
   2 Preliminary reading
   3 Structure of this document
II GStreamer concepts
   GStreamer (will contain 'Motivation & Goals' from the manual)
   Bins and pipelines
   Pads and Caps
   Metadata (Tags)
   ... (probably more to add)

Then both guide will continue with application/plugin specific docs:
III Building an application (was Basic Concepts)
III Building a plugin

The part 'II GStreamer concepts' should be identical for both. Therefore I'd 
like to add directory under docs, say 'concepts' and put there files there. Both 
guides will then just reference them from there.

Pros and cons?


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