[gst-devel] Help using gstreamer

Andreas Rosdal andrearo at stud.ntnu.no
Mon Jul 10 00:48:30 CEST 2006


I'm trying to use GStreamer 0.10.8, and would like some help to do it 

Here's my patch to add gstreamer support:

These are the problems I run into:

1.  I get the following warning each time a sound is played, except the 
very first time a sound is played by the application: 

Trying to dispose object "audiosinkringbuffer1", but it still has a parent 
You need to let the parent manage the object instead of unreffing the 
object directly.

2. Playing .wav files works perfect each time, but playing .ogg files does 
not. When playing .ogg files, the first time a sound is played, it works perfect. 
The next times a sound is played, no sound can be heard. No warnings are 
shown. After a few sounds have been played, the application crashes. It is 
not possible to create a backtrace, possibly because the crash is in a 
separate thread run by GStreamer.

The code I use is based directly on muine, which also used GStreamer:

Thanks in advance.

 - Andreas

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