[gst-devel] Automated concatenation of AV clips

Miro Dietiker, MD Systems miro.dietiker.maillist at md-systems.ch
Tue Jul 11 14:55:04 CEST 2006

Hi people

As i see gstreamer is a very powerful multimedia framework
Now I'm looking for a solution for the following problem:

I have several short clips.. categorized in a DB. They differ in
resolution, codecs and other criteria.

TARGET: Controlled by a script (and DB criteria) I simply want to
concatenate those streams (including audio parts, ...)
I may also need to put some still images for several seconds.
Some fading (fade-out / fade-in / crossfade) may also be needed on the
crossing point of clips/images which also occurs to the sound.
Output format is 1080p, 5.1Audio (sources scaled & cropped)

These rules are very loose so this process may be extended or rules may
be changed. I woule most like these rules to be part of a script
Also an XML intermediate would be perfect.

As I'm quite new to this topic in here, I don't understand all of the
capabilities and the interfaces of this framework. Would some expert of
you please make me a recommendation of a "possible" way of

No GUI needed at all... Looking at some applications I couldn't find any
which is focussed on this functionality.

Thanks for any input :-)

-- Miro

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