[gst-devel] GDP elements

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at apestaart.org
Mon Jul 17 13:44:51 CEST 2006

Hi everyone,

After some final work last week on the gdppay and gdpdepay elements, I
think they are ready for a move.  I've double-checked the checklist and
the elements seem to satisfy all the requirements.  Mike has agreed to
sponsor the elements for a move.

Some notes about the elements:
- the elements support the newer 1.0 version of the GDP protocol; this
means that it now correctly serializes all events.  The 0.2 version of
the GDP protocol (as it is currently used in tcpserversink and
tcpclientsrc) is implemented as well, and is compatible with these
- the GDP mode in tcpclientsrc and tcpserversink will stay available in
the 0.10 series for compatibility reasons, and be removed in 0.11.
- the elements correctly set streamheaders for GDP
- the current development branch of Flumotion (0.3.x/trunk) uses these
elements already

The only remaining question is where these elements should go.  In some
informal discussions, these were the possibilities:
- good: the default place for unencumbered new plugins
- base: since they replace functionality from base that we want to
- core: Wim has said that he thinks serialization is core functionality,
it's data-agnostic, and multifdsink should possibly end up in core
eventually too.

My personal feeling is that it should go to base, because it replaces
existing functionality there - and then in a 0.11 series, it could move
to core together with multifdsink.

Start shooting,


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