[gst-devel] Urgent help needed

jean-marie.verdun at splitted-desktop.org jean-marie.verdun at splitted-desktop.org
Thu Jul 20 21:58:22 CEST 2006


Does somebody who is running gstreamer v 0.10.X and can listen to this stream 
tell me what the output of those command is:

export GST_DEBUG=*decodebin*:5
gst-launch neonhttpsrc uri= ! decodebin ! audioconvert 
! alsasink

I am looking to which audio backend gstreamer should normally send the data, as 
in my case the pipeline is not correctly built !
I got an error on any Shoutcast stream ... That will be great if somebody who 
can listen to such Shoutcast could send me the output of this example or to any 
other streams.

In my case I got:

Pipeline is PREROLLING ...
DEBUG (0x81048d0 - 0:00:00.369723000)            decodebin( 2000) 
gstdecodebin.c(1397):type_found:<decodebin0> typefind found caps audio/mpeg, 
framed=(boolean)false, mpegversion=(int)2
LOG   (0x81048d0 - 0:00:00.369897000)            decodebin( 2000) 
gstdecodebin.c(633):close_pad_link:<typefind> trying to close audio/mpeg, 
framed=(boolean)false, mpegversion=(int)2
LOG   (0x81048d0 - 0:00:00.372901000)            decodebin( 2000) 
gstdecodebin.c(700):close_pad_link:<typefind:src> unkown type found, fire 
DEBUG (0x81048d0 - 0:00:00.373003000)            decodebin( 2000) 
gstdecodebin.c(1406):type_found:<decodebin0> we have no dynamic elements 

Thanks !


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