[gst-devel] rtsp / real

Matt Vinall matt at vinall.net
Thu Jul 27 14:39:57 CEST 2006

> Not RTP depayloaded - RDT decoded. Have a look at the ethereal output
> below. After the RTSP negotiation, I get RDT packets. First a latency
> report, then data packets. I wrote a rdt decoder element to just pass
> the data packets along. Unfortunately, passing those packets as they are
> to rmdemux does not work. Do you happen to know what
> demuxer/decoder/whatever I am still missing?
> [snip]
> Real Data Transport
>     RDT packet (Latency report)
>         Length-included=1
>         Packet type: Latency report (0xff08)
>         Packet length: 9
>         Latency report server out time: 0
>     RDT packet (Data)
>         Length-included=0, need-reliable=1, stream-id=0, is-reliable=0
>         Sequence number: 0
>         Back-to-back=1, slow-data=0, asm-rule=5
>         Timestamp: 0
>         Total reliable: 0
>         Data

If you're passing the whole data packet, then there are extra headers that need 
to be stripped, as per the "Length-included", "need-reliable" etc fields in the 
ethereal output. You can either look at the ethereal source code (see packet-
rdt.c) for what's going on there, or alternatively take a look at 

Hope this helps.


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