[gst-devel] 回复: Re: Why can't multiple pipelines run in one process at the same time?

zs p paaa1976 at yahoo.com.cn
Wed Jun 14 17:53:42 CEST 2006

No, I try to run two pipelines in two seperate thread of a process, but the result is similar: when the second thread create pipeline, the pipeline running in the first thread can't work well, even if I reset the first pipeline to PLAYING state.
  So I don't know how to play multiple files synchronously in one process.

Antoine Tremblay <hexa00 at gmail.com> 写道:
  It's possible , just run each pipeline in a separate thread, it should work fine :)

  On 6/14/06, zs p <paaa1976 at yahoo.com.cn> wrote:    I want to playback multiple audio files in one process at the same time. However, when I create another pipeline after constructing a pipeline, the older pipeline can't work well, even if the newer pipeline is over.

The following step is my experiment:

1.create pipeline1
2.set pipeline1 to GST_STATE_PLAYING to playback, ok
3.after 10 seconds , create pipeline2, but pipeline1 can't work well at the same time 
4.set pipeline2 to GST_STATE_PLAYING to playback, ok

So I want to know whether gstreamer can support multiple pipelines in one process at the same time, OR how to playback multiple files in one process synchronously?

Thanks in advance.


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