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Kalyanavarathan, Vasanth VKalyanavarathan at ndsuk.com
Thu Jun 15 16:32:02 CEST 2006

Let me clarify my understanding

1. Java Application -> Talks to C / C++ Gstreamer Application -> Creates
and Talks to Gstreamer Plugins

Assuming the above is the way your application is working.
Following is what I have to add

1. Your C/ C++ application which has created the pipeline
Would need to start the pipeline in g_main_loop_run
And this thread will not return until g_main_loop_quit

2. You will receive callbacks on which you can call
G_main_loop_quit to exit the thread in which the pipeline
Is run.

3. You will receive call backs only if your plugins 
Post a message to the message bus.

Gst_element_post_message(your plugin element, your custom msg);

4. The callbacks are called in the context of the pipeline thread which
is the thread in which you called g_main_loop_run

5. With respect to random dumps during g_main_loop_run.

I would test your pipeline using gst-launch and see if the
Problem occurs. In which case it is plugin problem (some G_OBJECT_UNREF)

If otherwise it is your GST Application problem where you have added
your elements to a bin and still trying to be the owner of the elements
and trying to free or use the elements that have been destroyed by the

Hope this helps


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I am writing a multithreaded gstreamer application and I am having
random SEGFAULTS whenever I start g_main_loop.  I am a little unclear on
how gstreamer works because I can actually play music without starting
g_main_loop(Music plays, but I do not receive callbacks to the bus

My question is, do I have to wrap all calls into gstreamer with
gdk_threads_enter and gdk_thread_exit.  This is for a java program with
a high level JNI interface to gstreamer, but I read somewhere that this
was necessary for multithreaded applications.  Is there some more
information available somewhere?  The docs don't seem to handle the
multithreaded part.



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