[gst-devel] Static linking

Ben "The Big" Demboski BenD at wildseed.com
Thu Jun 22 18:52:41 CEST 2006

I was actually messing around with something like this myself. I came up
with these two patches to the gstreamer core (I build this patch off of the
0.10.0 release).

staticplugins.patch makes it so that if you pass in -DSTATIC_PLUGINS on the
command-line (via the configure script or whatever), then if you link in the
.a's they will register themselves at global constructor time.

tagsinitfix.patch fixes a bug in the core's initialization routine that the
previous patch exposed.

These patches are doing the job for me. Let me know how they work for you. 


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Sorry, if this subject has been discussed in the archives, but these 
don't currently seem to be on-line. I'm working on adding a video 
tutorial to an existing statically linked GPL licensed project (for ease 
of user install), see www.xaraxtreme.org. We're using a video file with 
video data as h264, auto a vorbis in a ogg format file. I can easily 
build the core libraries as static and link them, but they don't seem to 
be able to dynamically load plug-ins (and this probably isn't desirable 
I can modify the plug-ins to export a function to register the plug-in 
and call this in my application, which seems to work for playbin, but 
other plug-ins don't seem to work correctly (oggdemux, xvimagesink, 
vorbis decoder). Is there an easier or more correct way of doing this? 
If there isn't an easier way, is there a way of telling which plug-ins 
are needed for a replay graph?


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