[gst-devel] Versioning of GStreamer

Taj Morton tajmorton at gmail.com
Wed May 10 11:35:06 CEST 2006

I'm a developer from the Autopackage project (http://autopackage.org). I wrote a
script this morning to detect which versions of GStreamer were installed, and I
just wanted to make sure that I have the versioning scheme that you guys are
using correct:

GStreamer's shared library is named libgstreamer-X.Y.so.A.B.C
Y is incremented when there is an ABI/API break (interfaces changed/removed).
X is incremented whenever Y rolls back to 0 (1.9 -> 2.0)

B is incremented when interfaces are added, but not removed
or otherwise changed (made inline, etc). When B rolls back to 0,
A is incremented (0.9 -> 1.0).

C is changed when the source code is changed, but there is no change
in the public interface (e.g., bug fixes).

Do you plan to continue to use the scheme?


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