[gst-devel] Re: Versioning of GStreamer

Taj Morton tajmorton at gmail.com
Thu May 11 08:39:14 CEST 2006

Thomas Vander Stichele <thomas <at> apestaart.org> writes:
> gstreamer gets released with version number x.y.z
> The X.Y you mention in the library name are directly taken from x.y from
> the above version, except in one corner case - the latest prerelease for
> a stable version will already have x.(y+1) or possibly (x+1).0, to shake
> out the last bugs related to bumping the major-minor.
OK. That makes sense.

> Your rollback statement is a little confusing.  I see two ways to
> interpret it:
Yeah, sorry. That was a pretty bad way to explain what I meant. What I meant
that is when the major is changed, the minor becomes 0. Correct?

> Due to the rollback, and the fact that library versioning is complicated
> already, I prefer not to try and understand what you just wrote.
> Instead, I'd prefer pointing you to configure.ac which has comments on
> this, as well as the libtool manual, which explains the scheme we follow
> in more detail than I can possibly manage.
Yeah, libtool versioning is complicated. I usually prefer to take Qt or GTK as
an example. It's the same thing, just a bit eaiser to understand.

> As a pretty much direct consequence of the ABI/API promises we make in
> stable releases, it is pretty much guaranteed that, when Y is an even
> number, A will always be 0, as will C, while B gently increases as we
> add API (I hope I didn't make any mistakes here).
This isn't libtool versioning--it's gstreamer versioning! ;-) GStreamer 0.8.9
shipped libgstreamer-0.8.so.1.4.0. Also, 0.7.4 shipped
libgstreamer-0.7.so.6.0.0. Are these backwards compatible with with the rest of
their series?

Thanks for your help!

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