[gst-devel] my plugin works in YUV but not in RGB

Corentin BARON corentin.baron at inrialpes.fr
Fri May 19 07:06:07 CEST 2006

As said in the subject, gstreamer refuses to accept my plugin with  
RGB output, whereas it works perfectly in YUV.

My pad template specifies this :

> video/x-raw-yuv, width = (int) [1, 2147483647], height = (int) [1,  
> 2147483647], framerate = (double) [0.0, 100.0];
> video/x-raw-rgb, width = (int) [1, 2147483647], height = (int) [1,  
> 2147483647], framerate = (double) [0.0, 100.0];

my getcaps() function simply specifies values for width and height,  
fourcc format for the YUV output and depth, bpp, endianess and masks  
for the RGB output. I store the output format in a variable of my  
structure during the link() function and generate the correct output  
on the get() function, but if I try to use a RGB sink the pipeline  
refuses to play (it doesn't even catch the link function :( ).

I must say I'm quite lost for now... If anyone could help?


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