[gst-devel] OpenMAX gstreamer

Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller christian at fluendo.com
Tue May 23 07:15:12 CEST 2006

Hi Semet,
OpenMAX is not really on the roadmap currently. Not that anyone here is
against it, but nobody has expressed an interest in doing the work to
add support for it yet. GStreamer currently support and use the liboil
acceleration library (http://liboil.freedesktop.org/wiki/) for some of
the core plugins and at the company where I work, Fluendo, we have
various plugins using Intel's IPP optimization framework which we
developed as part of a contract with a company deploying on Intel
hardware.  Both these projects currently fulfills similar functions in
regards to GStreamer and GStreamer plugins that I think OpenMAX could

At Fluendo we have gotten some requests over the last two years from
customers interested in having Fluendo do the work to add OpenMAX
support to GStreamer for them, but none of these requests ever came to
any fruitful conclusion. 

So I think nobody in the GStreamer community would mind OpenMAX being
added as an optional way to optimize certain core plugins and processes
where relevant, but someone would have to do the work. (In the same way
I know there been some loose discussions among Solaris people to add
support for Sun's medialib to optimize on their platforms)

If you guys are interested in working on it and provide patches the
GStreamer community would be happy to accept them after the normal
review process. Or if you or the Khronos consortium are interested in
paying someone do do the work, then get in touch with me and I make you
an offer on behalf of Fluendo :)


On Mon, 2006-05-22 at 15:12 +0100, Semet Gaetan-GSEM01 wrote:
> Hello
> I would like to know what is the point of view of gstreamer's
> developper over the OpenMAX IL API? Is it on the roadmap?
> According to khronos whitepaper
> file http://www.khronos.org/openmax/whitepapers/OpenMAX_IL_with_GSstreamer.pdf gstreamer seems to be quite easily adaptable for this new API. 
> Thank you very much
> Gaetan SEMET.
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