[gst-devel] Problems with tee/tcpclientsink in 0.10.5

Marco Steinacher mailinglists at websource.ch
Tue May 23 10:57:07 CEST 2006

Hi everybody

With GStreamer 0.8.9 I used to have the following pipeline for 
simultanous audio output to the soundcard and streaming to a network device:
               ,-- tcpclientsink
filesrc -- tee
               `-- mad -- alsasink

This solution worked well and the outputs were synchronized i.e. if the 
network connection failed the output to ALSA stopped as well.

However, after upgrading to GStreamer 0.10.5 this didn't work anymore. 
The problem was, that only one of the two sinks will change to the 
PLAYING state (the one that has been linked later to the tee element) 
the other one not.

I found the following solution that makes the the pipeline running again:

               ,-- queue1 -- tcpclientsink
filesrc -- tee
               `-- queue2 -- mad -- alsasink

But now I have the following problem:

If the state of the pipeline is changed to PAUSED the output from the 
tcpclientsink will continue for a long time and does not stop 
immediately (as the alsasink does and it did with Gstreamer 0.8.9). I 
think this has to do with the buffering in the tcpclientsink element (or 
in the queue?). But I have not found any information about that or how I 
could decrease the size of the buffer to increase the reaction time.

I tried to find a solution by tuning the queue parameters and using a 
identity element in front of the tcpclientsink as datarate limiter. But 
this experiments didn't succeed so far.

So my questions are:

1) Is the different behaviour regarding the tee and the tcpclientsink 
elements intended?

2) Is it possible to reduce the response time for the tcpclientsink 
(e.g. by setting a smaller buffer)?

3) Do you have an alternative solution than this to achieve my goal 
(simultanous, synchronized output to ALSA and via TCP to a network 
device with short reaction time e.g. when changing the state to PAUSED)?

4) Any hints regarding this issue?

Thank you very much for your help!

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