[gst-devel] Plugins in Python

Oscar Acena oscaracena at yahoo.es
Sun May 28 07:28:16 CEST 2006


Thanks for answer so fast! The thing is that i think that i really need
a plugin :-p
I want to do a (what i think it must be a) plugin to use in other
applications. The task the "plugin" must do is comunicate with another
app in a special way, but the thing is that it should be used in other
applications, so i thought that a plugin will do. Please, tell me if i'm
wrong ;-) and thanks.


Edward Hervey escribió:
> Hi,
> On 5/28/06, Oscar Aceÿfffff1a <oscaracena at yahoo.es> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Well, i've wondered this many times. Then, should i presume that already
>> exists one plugin writted in python and, therefore, for python? If 
>> so, where
>> can i get it? I'm about to write an app in python too, and i need to 
>> write a
>> plugin, in python if possible!
>  Let's get things straight first :) You CAN create elements entirely
> in python, you just have to create a class that derives from
> gst.Element (or one of the convenience classes, like gst.BaseSrc). ex:
> class MyElement(gst.Element): ....
>  To create elements from that class you just... instantiate one.
> myelement = MyElement().
>  And those elements can be used as any other gst.Element (like the
> ones coming from gst.element_factory_make()).
>  A gst.Plugin is NOT needed to create gstreamer elements you can use
> in a pipeline (some C applications already do that for application
> specific elements).
>  The only need for a plugin, is to be able to use the element
> class(es) that plugin provides in other gstreamer-based software,
> through the use of the gst.Registry. It is NOT a requirement to be
> able to use element classes in your progrm. If you want to use those
> element classes in your program, you don't need plugins, you link them
> statically to your C program.
>  So if you want to write element classes in python and use them in
> your python program... you already can.
>  Do you understand the difference between a Plugin and an element 
> class now ?
>> Another question: I have seen that to write a plugin, exists a template;
>> this template, it is only writted for C? If so, can i port it to python?
>> This could be useful for at least two persons! :-)
>  Once the python plugin loader is there... I guess we'll get round to
> creating a template (which is going to be 50 lines more or less...).
>> And the last question: if this is possible, how can i load the plugin 
>> to use
>> in a normal pipe?
>  Read the paragraph about "plugin != element" above once more.
>> Thanks in advance to all!
>> Edward Hervey <bilboed at gmail.com> escribió:
>>  HI,
>>  Currently you can create most type of elements entirely in Python.
>> But we don't have a python plugin loader currently, so you will only
>> be able to use it from a python application (importing the python file
>> where you wrote yor element).

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