[gst-devel] Does ffmux_mov support muxing both audio and video?

Deeptendu Bikash dbikash at gmail.com
Tue Nov 7 09:08:14 CET 2006


I'm using the latest CVS version of gst-ffmpeg ( to mux audio and
video into a mov file. If I mux only audio or only video it works. But when
I try to mux both audio and video, I get a gst-launch WARNING: syntax error,
unexpected $undefined.

However, it does go on to mux only the audio.

Does ffmux_mov support taking both audio and video as input?

I'm using the pipeline:
ffmux_mov name=mux ! filesink {filesrc <raw video file> ! caps ! ffenc_mpeg4
! mux.video_00} {filesrc <raw audio file> ! caps ! amrnbenc ! mux.audio_00}

Am I doing something wrong?

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