[gst-devel] gst_pad_use_fixed_caps() usage

Jan Schmidt thaytan at noraisin.net
Fri Nov 10 13:54:24 CET 2006

On Fri, 2006-11-10 at 10:42 +0100, ensonic wrote:
> hi,
> I am unsure about when to use gst_pad_use_fixed_caps(). E.g. vorbisdec and
> theoradec use it for their srcpad. If I understood right, that means once
> the caps towards the next element (e.g. alsasink, xvimagesink) are
> negotiated, they wont change. Is that correct?
> If so should e.g. vorbisenc and theoraenc use gst_pad_use_fixed_caps() for
> the sinkpad? Or would encoders only do this if they don't support changing
> caps while encoding?

gst_pad_use_fixed_caps means that there is no room for negotiation in
the caps being set - the element is dictating the caps.

It implicitly implements a getcaps method that initially returns the
template caps, and then caps that have been set on that pad.


Jan Schmidt thaytan at noraisin.net

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