[gst-devel] pygst questions (tags, buffering)

Morten O. Hansen morteoh at chello.no
Sat Nov 11 14:50:30 CET 2006

Hi there,

I'm trying to create a small gst-based player in python (pygst,pygtk),
and I'm currently streaming and playing a stream from the net (just a
random one from shoutcast.com). That part works fine, but I'm
interesting in two more things, how much of the stream has been buffered
(so i can have a loader, before the music can be played), and also, if
this a mp3-stream (or ogg), how can i get the tags?

I'm currently using this pipeline :
gnomevfssrc ! mad ! gconfaudiosink

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

With regards, Morten O. Hansen

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