[gst-devel] Pad block/element switch does not work properly

Fredrik Persson frepe at bredband.net
Sat Nov 11 20:38:26 CET 2006

The procedure described in docs/design/pad-block.txt does not work
properly for switching a src element.

Please try my example.

This is the python script:


It comes along with a very simple GUI:


Just put those two files in the same directory (naming then
padblocktest.py and padblocktest.glade) and run 

python padblocktest.py

I'm expecting, here, to see that one videotestsrc element shall be
replaced with another videotestsrc element when the user clicks the
"change" button in the GUI. This does not happen. Instead, the first
videotestsrc gives me an error message:

streaming task paused, reason not-linked (-1)

And this message is given AFTER I've unblocked the xvimagesink srcpad.
At that point, the first videotestsrc should be gone. It should not be
alive at all.

Any suggestions? Should I file a bug?


Fredrik Persson

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