[gst-devel] disabling parts of a pipeline while it runs? (help me I'm a noob!)

Alex Mac lots.of.mailing.lists at gmail.com
Mon Nov 13 00:00:32 CET 2006

Before I get stuck into the code I'd like to know if what I want to do
can be done. Basically I'm writing some pvr software for use with dvb
cards so the two things i need to do are record from the dvb card to
disk and stream the dvb card's output over the network.

Using a simple pipeline like this  "dvbsrc --> filesink" I can easily
record from a dvb device. However I want the ability to seamlessly
start streaming from that dvbsrc over the network so stopping the
pipline and reconfiguring it is not an option.

Ideally I want to split the output from dvbsrc (using the tee element
right?) and have one branch record it to disk and the second branch
stream it over the network.

That seems ok, but I'm not sure how to handle turning off each of the
branches while the pipeline is going. Can I simply unlink one of the
things connected to the tee and relink it when I want it to start

Also I'm not exactly sure the best way to stream the data over the
network using gstreamer, I know I want to use udp so I can multicast
but when I tried setting up two pipelines using udpsrc and udpsink the
output was corrupted. putting "sync=false" on the xvimagesink seemed
to make it less corrupted but still not ok (btw the files I was using
played fine without the udp bits)

Many Thanks

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