[gst-devel] help reqd for signal handlers in gstreamer

Pavan Krishnamurthy 2pavan at gmail.com
Thu Nov 9 13:19:18 CET 2006


I wanted some help wrt to g_signal_connect in gstreamer.

When a call-back is registered for a signal emitted from gstreamer, (like
pad-added, element-added), is the call back function called always from a
new thread or is it called from the thread which issued g_signal_connect.?

I wanted to do some operations only after an element is added to bin. So I
need to register a call back which handles "element-added" signal. But when
I tried it, the call back is not getting called at all. Is there any eg code
snippet which can show how can it be done?

My audio sink device is opened by the main thread. But I wanted to open my
sink audio device in a new thread. Since it is the gstreamer framework which
is doing this, how can I tell gstreamer to open the device in new thread. Is
there any mechanism through which I can do so.

Thanks in advance ,
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