[gst-devel] Apple Airport / RAOP streaming

Stéphan kochen stephan at kochen.nl
Thu Nov 16 20:05:43 CET 2006

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My brother recently got a new MacBook Pro and set up an Airport WiFi
network. The streaming works great on his laptop, but I'd love to be
able to use this from my Ubuntu laptop as well.

I couldn't find anything but a couple of command-line clients, so I have
some questions.

a) Is anyone working on streaming to an Airport in GStreamer? If not,
I'd love to. I'm already messing around with the templates and GstBaseSink.

The following questions assume I'm doing this, hehe. ;)

b) Before I go much further, I'd like to know if it makes sense to
implement this as a GStreamer sink.

The 'RAOP' protocol Airport uses is simply an AES encrypted PCM or MP4
stream by the looks of it. The session is established using RTSP with
some custom headers to exchange the shared key.

I see a RTSP source, and a partial library. Is there an RTSP sink for
GStreamer I could use / base this on?

c) The RTSP library is 'part' of the RTSP source. As in, it's not even
really a library. This makes it a bit difficult to reuse.

Maybe this should be separated? Or should an external library be used?

d) Is there an accepted way of doing cryptography in GStreamer? OpenSSL?
I'm mostly concerned about licensing issues here, that's really
something I only have a rough overview of.

Thanks in advance,
- -- Stéphan
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