[gst-devel] ffdemux_asf in push mode

Fabrice Triboix gstdbg at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 22 14:03:40 CET 2006

Hi Edward,

This may look easy for a seasoned gstreamer developer, but it looks quite scary for a gstreamer newbie like myself!

Thank you for the hints!


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  Currently, NONE of the ffmpeg demuxers work push-mode, because
gstffmpegdemux doesn't support it. The problem is that ffmpeg demuxers
only seem to work in pull-mode (that is, THEY request buffers, instead
of being given buffers).
  This should be fix-able by implementing a GstAdapter in the
gstffmpegprotocol, blocking the _seek()/_read() functions in the
protocol until at least a buffer is available, and informing ffmpeg
that it is a streamable format. You need to be careful since you are
going to be acting on a thread boundary (one thread pushing data into
ffmpegprotocol, and the other one (demuxer) reading from
ffmpegprotocol). Otherwise... it should be pretty easy.


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