[gst-devel] dynamic pipeline questions

John Stritch johnstritch at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 25 01:33:30 CET 2006

I have a C program constructing a pipeline recording from the sound card
to a file.  I need to add a few features and am not sure of the best
approach.  The features are:

1) Record from a device, connected to the sound card, that sometimes has
a sound input but is mostly quiet, not unlike a microphone.  I need to
be able to detect the state transitions to and from quiet and stop and
start recording when the events occur.  This is to reduce the time
needed to process the resulting files by another application later.  I
am unsure how to detect the quiet state transitions.

2) The output will be placed into one of several files.  The file to use
will be determined when a sound is detected.  I do not want to lose any
signal at the beginning or end of the recording.  In other words, the
first sound may go to file foo, the second and third sounds to bar, and
the fourth to foo.  I am unsure of how to most optimally configure the
pipeline for this type of dynamic operation.

Any advice as to how to proceed would be appreciated.

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