[gst-devel] Debugging GStreamer

Chris Ross chris at tebibyte.org
Fri Nov 24 15:39:31 CET 2006

How can I get gst-* to be a lot more verbose about exactly what it is
doing? I'm trying to debug the following:

        # export GST_DEBUG="*:5"
        # gst-inspect --help
          gst-inspect [OPTION...] wrapper to call versioned gst-inspect

        Help Options:
          -?, --help           Show help options

        Application Options:
          -p, --print          print wrapped command line options
          --gst-mm=VERSION     Force major/minor version
          --gst-list-mm        List found major/minor versions

So far so good, but ...

        # echo $GST_DEBUG
        # gst-inspect
        [1]   Segment violation       gst-inspect

Many thanks,
Chris R.

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