[gst-devel] Two filesrc and adder: switching "location" does not work

Mathis Hofer mathis.hofer at dreamlab.net
Wed Oct 4 17:28:52 CEST 2006

Hi *

I'm working on a therapy software with GStreamer and I want to do the 
* play a list of music files
* mix in some noise files from time to time.

My pipeline looks as follows:

I've attached an event probe to the src-pad of the music- and noisebin. On
GST_EVENT_EOS from the musicbin I stop the pipeline, change the 
"location" of
the filesrc and restart the pipeline. This worked perfectly as long as I 
use the adder.

With the adder, the first song plays (together with a noise file). But 
when I
set the second song and restart the pipeline, it won't get played. I 
only get a
GST_MESSAGE_STATE_CHANGED and a debug line like that:
INFO  (0x8106990 - 0:00:13.295196000)           GST_STATES(31023)
gstbin.c(1415):gst_bin_recalc_state:<pipeline> bin RETURN is now 1

The same issue happens without the noisebin, but I can remove the 
adder/capsfilter and it works perfectly.

I'm stuck with this problem -- I'm glad if somebody can give me a hint.
Is there an example how to use the adder element?


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