[gst-devel] GStreamer on Win, Was: ARG!

Joni Valtanen jvaltane at movial.fi
Mon Oct 30 11:14:18 CET 2006

I have compiled GStreamer 0.10 CVS version about three weeks ago with both 
native mingw/msys environment in Windows and cross-compiler with Linux ( 
have to tell what plugins to use or try to use ).

I used precompiled GLib(v2.10) and its dependencies. Compiled 
myself libxml2 and liboil.

If CVS version is used it have to remove all -Werror:s after autogen from 
configure. Releases does not use -Werror:s. There might be some easier 
way to do this.

Also disable gst debugging at least with "./configure 
--disable-gst-debug". GST_DEBUG is broken with GStreamer and mingw.

> Hi, please use more descriptive subject in the mailing list. We have 
>spend some time compiling GStreamer using mingw in ITonis (formerly 
>Xeris). We have documented what we could at http://gstreamer.xeris.cz/ We 
>have also a ready-to-use environment 
>http://gstreamer.xeris.cz/winport/root.zip with all the prerequisities 
>installed (though you might need newer versions nowadays).

http://gstreamer.xeris.cz was my starting point to compiling gstreamer 
with mingw. Thanks guys.

>We were able to compile and run all basic plugins and directX sinks but
>the beast was unstable and kept crashing somewhere inside Microsoft

All basic plugins works great. And even ffmeg-plugins work quite well. It 
depends how ffmpeg had compiled. Motion detections didn't work. Now udp 
sources/sinks should work also. I had to hack ffmpeg to do this.

gst-plugins-bad have directx-plugins without 
Makefile.am/configure.ac support. bugzillas bug 344129 covers 
directsoundsrc and I put there some patchs to create Makefiles

To windows there is two ways to tell how to find gst-plugins. First is 
environment variable GST_PLUGIN_PATH (system, msys, dos-prompt or similar) 
and second is to tell to gst_init() where are they.

>Unfortunately, we do not work on this anymore, but I would still be
>interested to know if it is possible to compile GStreamer using mingw.
>	Best regards,
>		Michal

I try to write some guide to compiling gstreamer with mingw. And 
then informing here where to find it.

- Joni

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