[gst-devel] Video transcoding pipeline problems

Lazaro Clapp J.L. lasombradealaroja at yahoo.com.mx
Mon Apr 2 21:17:22 CEST 2007

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I have been trying to make a video transcoder  from any format (using
decodebin) to matroska (ogg theora + ogg vorbis) using this elements:
theoraenc, vorbisenc and matroskamux.

It does not return any errors or crash, it simply stands there doing
nothing forever (not even wasting significant cpu as if in a loop).
The full pipeline, including dinamic pads, seems to be created ok and
a few KB result.mkv file (obviously incomplete) is created where the
result of the full encoding should be.

The code runs just fine if I replace those elements for: xvidenc, lame
and avimux.

If run with --gst-debug=2, it returns only warnings for things inside
the decodebin, and sometimes, but not always:

0:00:00.729124000 15420 0x83f78c0 WARN             vorbisenc
vorbisenc.c:1120:gst_vorbis_enc_chain:<audioenc> Buffer is older than
previous timestamp + duration, cannot handle. Dropping buffer.

0:00:00.731486000 15420 0x83f78c0 WARN             vorbisenc
vorbisenc.c:1129:gst_vorbis_enc_chain:<audioenc> Buffer is
discontinuous, flushing encoder and restarting (Discont from
0:00:00.438041666 to 0:00:00.536041666)

I attach a simplified version of the code in python (requires a
test.avi video, if an ogg is used even the second (avi+xvid+mp3)
pipeline hangs). Not sure how to put it in a gst-launch pipeline.

I am using:

Gstreamer 0.10.10

 Python 2.4.4c1

Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft (Linux 2.6.17-11-generic )


Note: Newby to gstreamer and beginner programmer here, so very likely
this is just something stupid I'm doing.

Thanks in advance,

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