[gst-devel] Demuxing H.264

jp_liu jp_liu at astrocom.cn
Wed Apr 4 04:03:20 CEST 2007

Daniel_Díaz, Hello 

It sounds that you meet the same problem.
First, you need to parse codec_data, check file "h264.c" from gst-ffmpeg-0.10.2, the function "decode_frame" show you how to parse it.
Second, you should convert frame to nal unit, check file "media_export.c" from gpac-0.4.2, the function "gf_media_export_native" show you how to convert based pps, sps and unit size. 

jp_liu, jp_liu at astrocom.cn
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Subject: [gst-devel] Demuxing H.264


With some help from the IRC channel, I managed to get my MPEG-4
decoder to work with a demuxer. That is, "filesrc ! qtdemux !
mympeg4dec ! mysink" now works correctly, thanks to the codec_data
being prepended to the first buffer.

However, that's not helping much with H.264 and am having a hard time
with it. The problem is that my decoder chokes with the raw data. I
digged into gstffmpeg's H.264 decoder and the codec_data seems to be
information about NAL Units.

Is there any way to decode this information without #including and
linking against libavcodec?

I noticed this was discussed in this mailing list a couple of days
ago, but couldn't find the final resolution.

Thanks for any pointers. Greetings!

Daniel Díaz
yosoy at danieldiaz.org

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