[gst-devel] multiple source to one sink

Michael Horbovetz (horb) horb at cisco.com
Tue Apr 17 23:29:11 CEST 2007

i'm trying to create an application that reads from 3 different files
and outputs to stdout.

i create 3 filesrc elements.  they each read from a different file.  i
created a fakesink element and changed dump to true; so output should
display to stdout.  i'm not sure how to "connect" all these to work

i read in section 8.1.2 of the gstreamer application development manual
about aggregators.  aggregators are elements that merge the content of
several input streams together into one output stream.

how do i link all 3 filesrc elements to the 1 sink element?  then change
state to play.  then i should see the file data output to stdout,


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